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A little about myself

I am Computer Science and Engineering undergrad studying at Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, class of 2020.

I'm a self-taught programmer who is passionate about Web Development, InfoSec, and Artificial Intelligence. I am a huge Open-Source enthusiast, and I pursue machine learning and soft computing for my research. Apart from the technical aspects, I am an avid gamer and music lover, so much so that I often forget what's going on around me in real life. I'm a curious learner, love exploring new things with a desire to openly share what I learn from others and what I can teach others. I am hugely inspired by Elon Musk (Tony Stark), Steve Jobs and my Dad.

Skills & abilities

Web Development

UI/UX Design

Mobile Development

Graphic Design

My Recent Projects


CBIT Library Search:
A Progressive Web Application that provides fuzzy search like google to our college library and enables students easily find info about available books. Developed using elasticsearch and Node.js.
A Hyperlocal E-commerce application that lets users quickly find and order any item in nearby stores. Developed on ServiceNow platform using AngularJS & Google Maps API.
A smart password manager that adds QR code login similar to WhatsApp Web to any website and changes the way we authenticate. It completely eliminates remembering of passwords. Developed for android using firebase.
Song Genre Finder:
A song classifier application that analyzes the audio data and finds the genre of it like classical, rap, metal or dubstep using deep learning.
CBIT Modern Student Information System:
A Modern SIS application developed using the Laravel framework for Lab evaluation, Feedback & Results.
An intuitive, versatile GUI application for simplifying Karnaugh maps and boolean functions.
Quizzy is a free and open quiz platform where students can enhance their knowledge by participating in quizzes created by the community. Students can test their skills by competing with other students.
A tool for monitoring webpages for changes. It watches webpages for updates and notifies the update by Email or Telegram or by SMS.
CBIT Grievance Redressal System:
A Laravel Web Application to receive and act on complaints reported by students of our college.

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